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New York Rangers – See Live Hockey at Madison Square Garden in NYC

New York Rangers – See Live Hockey at Madison Square Garden in NYC

Seeing the New York Rangers play is a magnificent experience and a must if you’re a hockey fan. They play in the iconic Madison Square Garden during the hockey season, which runs from October to April. It’s a very special feeling to watch an NHL team play live, as you can feel the atmosphere and cheer them on to victory.

The New York Rangers are the pride of the city and have been playing since 1926. They were originally one of the Original Six teams in the league and have won the Stanley Cup four times. The team has also had many famous players over the years like Mark Messier, Wayne Gretzky, Brian Leetch, Adam Graves, and Henrik Lundqvist.

Hockey is a very fast and tough sport with a lot happening on the ice and a lively atmosphere from the fans in the arena. The New York Rangers have an iconic chant that the fans at Madison Square Garden sing every time the team scores a goal, and they have been doing it for over 30 years. They start with a few “whoaaaa” and then lots of “hey hey hey hey hey”, so it’s very easy to join in.

What are the rules in Hockey?

A hockey game consists of three periods of 20 minutes each and is played between two teams. To score points, a player must shoot the puck into the opposing team’s goal. A typical hockey game lasts 2-3 hours, depending on how often they stop the clock.

Season and playoffs

The hockey season starts in October and continues until April. The playoffs are the games played at the end of the season and take place in April and May, with the finals in June. It’s more expensive to attend a New York Rangers game during this period compared to the rest of the season.

The team that wins the playoffs is awarded the Stanley Cup, which has been presented since 1893. The New York Rangers have won it four times in 1928, 1933, 1940, and 1994.

New York Rangers Tickets

Before buying tickets to a New York Rangers game, you should check the schedule and choose a date that suits your schedule. It can be difficult to get tickets if you don’t plan ahead, since they can sell out quickly. You can safely purchase genuine tickets to New York Rangers games through companies like ticketmaster, stubhub, NHL, or seatgeek and pay with a credit card. You can show your ticket on your phone when you arrive at the arena and do not need to print out any paper tickets.

How do you know if tickets are real?

It’s not recommended to buy tickets outside of Madison Square Garden since you can’t be sure if they are real or not. There are also many online resellers who sell fake tickets. If you want to be on the safe side, use one of the websites mentioned above.

Which seats are good for a New York Rangers game?

It’s important to have good seats during a New York Rangers game if you want to see what is happening on the ice. It can be difficult to see the puck from a distance if you’re sitting up high. Here is a guide to the different sections, which can cost anywhere from $50 to $1000. Remember that prices are much higher during the playoffs.

Section 400 and 300

If you’re mainly going for the atmosphere, it can be okay to sit all the way in the back and up high. The seats in the back are the cheapest tickets for New York Rangers games. If you have trouble seeing what is happening on the ice, there are usually TV screens you can watch. This is where you’ll find the cheapest tickets.

Section 200

Here you will find the best seats for an affordable price in the arena.

Section 100

Here you will find seats closest to the action. If you want to be seated in the row right next to the ice, expect to pay around $1000 for your ticket.

Please refer to the map below for all the different sections.

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Are children allowed in for free?

Children under 2 years old are allowed to enter the arena for free without their own ticket. They must sit on their parent’s lap throughout the entire game and not block other seats.

You’re also allowed to bring a stroller as long as you can fold it and it fits under your seat.

Planning for the New York Rangers game

How do you get to Madison Square Garden?

The New York Rangers play in their home arena, Madison Square Garden (MSG), located in Midtown Manhattan. Madison Square Garden’s address is 4 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NY 10001, and it’s located on 7th Avenue between 31st and 33rd Street, right above Pennsylvania Station. It’s very easy to find as you will recognize the iconic round building and see all the fans dressed in Rangers jerseys heading towards the entrance.

If you plan to take the subway, you can go to the following stations:

  • 34 St – Penn Stn with the 1, 2, or 3 train
  • 4 St Herald Sq with the B, D, F, M, N, Q, R, or W train

Dress warm

It can get quite cold inside the arena, so don’t forget to bring a jacket and maybe a hat.

What you can bring into Madison Square Garden arena

To enter Madison Square Garden, you must go through a security check, similar to the airport. They will check the size of your bag and whether you have any prohibited items. Below you can find a small guide on what you can and cannot bring.


Madison Square Garden does not have any lockers, so do not bring large bags. You’re not allowed to have a bag larger than 55 x 35 x 22 cm.

Camera and electronics

You’re not allowed to bring professional cameras with large lenses, tripods, selfie sticks, or voice recording devices into the arena. Leave them at home or at the hotel.


You can bring a laptop and iPad into the arena as long as they fit in a bag no larger than 55 x 35 x 22 cm.

Food and drinks

You can’t bring food and drinks into the arena that you have purchased outside. However, you can bring in an empty and open water bottle that you can refill at their water fountains.

How early should I be there?

I recommend arriving 30-45 minutes before the game starts. This will give you plenty of time to look around in the stores, buy food and drinks, and to find your seat. You don’t want to miss the game introduction where they present all the hockey players and sing the national anthem.

Where can I buy New York Rangers merch?

There are several stores inside Madison Square Garden where you can buy hats, jerseys, t-shirts, and much more. If you prefer to buy something before the game, you can visit the NHL store at 385 Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10001.

Sometimes they’ll give away t-shirts for free to everyone.

Can I buy food inside the Madison Square Garden arena?

Madison Square Garden offers a variety of options, but be prepared for high prices. You can find sushi, Baked by Melissa cupcakes, Paulie Gee’s Pizza, hamburgers, ribs, donuts, tacos, deli sandwiches, and places where you can buy alcohol, popcorn, and snacks. Simply Vegan also serves vegan food.

Here is a list of restaurants in Madison Square Garden and the sections where they are located. Don’t forget to bring your ID if you plan to drink alcohol, as the legal drinking age in the USA is 21.

Can I leave the arena during the game and come back?

No. If you leave the arena, you will not be allowed to re-enter.

More information about the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden

How many times have the New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup?

The New York Rangers have won the Stanley Cup four times (in 1928, 1933, 1940, and 1994).

Why are they called the New York Rangers?

The New York Rangers were born back in 1926 by Tex Rickard. He came up with the name by taking inspiration from from “Texas Rangers,” which later became “Tex’s Rangers.”

Who is the New York Rangers’ biggest rival?

The New York Rangers’ biggest rivals are the New York Islanders, New Jersey Devils, and Boston Bruins.

How much do NY Rangers tickets cost?

Tickets for a NY Rangers game can range from 500 to 10,000 SEK. The price depends on the time of the season and how close you want to sit to the rink.

Which hockey team plays in Madison Square Garden?

Madison Square Garden in New York City is the home arena for the New York Rangers, as well as the basketball team, the New York Knicks.

Is Henrik Lundqvist still playing for the New York Rangers?

No, he is not. Henrik Lundqvist was the goaltender for the New York Rangers from 2005 to 2020.

Which Swedish players have played for the New York Rangers?

The New York Rangers have had a total of 41 Swedish players over the years, including Henrik Lundqvist, Mika Zibanejad, and Ulf Nilsson.

Which hockey teams are in New York?

New York has two hockey teams: the New York Rangers and the New York Islanders. The rivalry between these two teams is known as “the Battle of New York.” If you go to New Jersey, they have the New Jersey Devils.

Have you been to a New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden? What did you think? Feel free to leave a comment!