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Top 10 Souvenirs to Buy in New York

Top 10 Souvenirs to Buy in New York

Who doesn’t like “I love New York” anything? Wondering what souvenirs to buy in New York? We got the list for you. Here are the top 10 souvenirs to buy from New York.

1. ”We are happy to serve you” coffee mug

Tune in to any New York tv show or movie and you’ll most likely see a scene when someone is carrying a disposable version of this coffee mug. These are the city’s most famous and instantly recognizable cups that you get some places when you order a coffee to go.

2. Anything thrifted

New York is the home of fashion and a great place to go thrift shopping. Visit stores like Beacons Closet or Buffalo Exchange where local New Yorkers sell their clothes. Each thrift store will represent the neighborhood’s style. I for example, like more colorful and crazy clothes, and prefer to go thrift shopping in neighborhoods like Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Chelsea.

3. I love New York anything

You can never go wrong with a classic I love New York phone case, t-shirt, key chain, coffee mug, magnet, notebook, or luggage tag. They have these stores all over Midtown on 7th and 5th Avenue or in Chinatown on Canal Street.

4. Cookies from Levain Bakery

Levain Bakery is considered to have the best cookies in the world. Personally, I agree! A few of these super soft and delicious cookies is a great souvenirs to bring back home.

5. Baseball hat or basketball jersey

The NBA store on 5th Avenue

New York has some of the most popular sports teams like the Yankees, Mets, Rangers, and Knicks. This could be a very cool souvenir to bring back home with you. You could visit the NBA store on 5th Avenue to buy basketball team jerseys or get a classic baseball hat from the Yankees or Mets!

6. Something from the NBC store

The bottom floor at the Rockefeller center has an NBC studios gift shop where you can buy some great souvenirs. Here you can purchase souvenirs from your favorite NBC show, Friends, The Office, or Saturday Night Live.

7. Something from Strand Bookstore

Strand Bookstore is one of the best and most famous bookstores in New York City. A book from Strand would be a great thing to bring back home as a memory of your trip. They also have a wide selection of tote bags, key chains, coffee mugs, and clothing.

8. Anything from the MoMA design store

They have a gift store at the actual museum in midtown but the store in Soho is much better. The MoMA design store in SoHo has a wide selection of design items to buy as a souvenir. If you don’t end up buying anything its always just fun to look around. They have some affordable options such as coffee mugs, puzzles, pins, and more.

9. Christmas ornament

Christmas is a big holiday in New York City. A souvenir idea would be to find a Christmas ornament to add to your collection. You can buy one from a small market, a tourist gift shop, or from a department store.

10. Something from a flea market

Here you can find one-of-a-kind or handmade items to bring back home. Flea markets will have everything from vintage clothing, jewelry, candles, and home décor. I always recommend Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg but there are many options in the city.

Here is a summary of the best souvenirs to buy in New York:

  • ”We are happy to serve you” coffee mug
  • Anything thrifted
  • I love New York anything
  • Cookies from Levain Bakery
  • Baseboll hat or basketball jersey
  • Something from the NBC store
  • Something from Strand Bookstore
  • Anything from the MoMA design store
  • Christmas ornament
  • Something from a flea market

What do you think? What souvenirs would you bring from New York? Leave a comment!