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9 Fun Bars in Williamsburg – NYC

9 Fun Bars in Williamsburg – NYC

Williamsburg is one of the best neighborhoods for bar hopping and has some of the coolest and most fun bars in New York City. Here you can find bars where you can do more than just drink.

We have gathered a list of the most fun bars in Williamsburg where you can play games, listen to live music, enjoy a beautiful view or why not go bowling.

And while we got you here, check out the best restaurants in Williamsburg.

Photo credit above: Berry Park

Berry Park – Relaxed outdoor rooftop with a skyline view

Berry Park is one of my personal favorite bars in Williamsburg. This bar has a very relaxed vibe where you can listen to music, watch sports games, play foosball and darts, and enjoy a magical view of the Manhattan skyline. I would only recommend coming here during the warmer months when the weather is good since the best part is sitting outside.

Brooklyn Bowl – Listen to live music

Brooklyn Bowl is one of the best and most fun bars in Williamsburg. Here you can go bowling and listen to live music while enjoying some unexpected amazing food and an impressive selection of craft beers. Check out their website for a list of current events.

Westlight – Rooftop bar on the 22nd floor

If you want a view, head straight to Westlight. This bar is located on top of the Williams Vale Hotel and will give you the best view in Williamsburg. Enjoy the beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline with one of their great cocktails. This is the perfect place to bring visitors from out of town (trust me they’ll be impressed).

Photo credit: Westlight

Barcade – Play old arcade games

One of my favorite things to do in Williamsburg is to play games while having a drink. Barcade is the perfect place for this! Here you can play some old arcade games like Pacman, pinball, and donkey kong while having a drink or one of their many craft beers on tap.

Brooklyn Brewery – Beer tasting

Brooklyn Brewery has been a local favorite in Williamsburg since 1988. This is a great bar if you have a love for beer. You can either book a tour of the brewery or sample beer in the tasting room.

Alligator Lounge – Free pizza

Here you can order cheap drinks, eat free pizza, and play skeeball and pool. What more can you ask for in a bar? Alligator Lounge also has trivia nights on Mondays and karaoke nights on Wednesdays.

Lucky Dog – Play games and pet some dogs

It’s not just a name, they actually allow dogs to come to this bar. Lucky Dog is a place where you can enjoy some drinks and at the same time pet some dogs. They have a great beer selection, a nice backyard space, shuffleboard tables, and a laid-back vibe.

The Levee – Cheap drinks and darts

The Levee is a popular dive bar located in Williamsburg. Come here for their beer-and-shot combos, and to play darts and board games.

Freehold – Ping pong

Freehold is a fun bar in Williamsburg if you like playing ping pong. If the weather is nice you can play ping pong and games in their back patio. Freehold is a great place for large groups.

Do you have any recommendations for fun bars in Williamsburg, Brooklyn? Please leave a comment!