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What You Must See at The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) in NYC

What You Must See at The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) in NYC

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) in NYC is one of the world’s greatest and biggest museums with artwork that spans over 5,000 years from all over the world. Founded in 1870 with three European collections of 174 paintings, this Gothic Revival building has expanded many times and has today over 2 million objects.

It would probably take a few days to see everything at the Met, so if you don’t have that much time you need to prioritize and focus on what you really must see. Here is a list of the most essential artworks you cannot miss when visiting The Met museum.

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1. European Paintings

The 2,500 European paintings at The Met is one of the world’s greatest collections. Here you can see Vermeer, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Goya, Monet, Degas, and many more.

2. Egyptian Art

This is the largest collection of Egyptian art outside Egypt. You can see masks, mummies, statues, jewelry and the Tomb of Perneb and the incredible Temple of Dendur which was built around 15 BCE.

3. American Wing

This collection includes paintings, Tiffany glass, sculptures from the 17th to early 20th century.

4. European Sculptures and Decorative Arts

A must-see at The Met museum is the collection of Western European design. Here you can visit French and English period rooms with tapestries and sculptures by Rodin and Degas.

5. Roof Garden

If you visit The Met from May to October, you can visit the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden. Up there you can see some outstanding annual displays of contemporary sculptures. If also offers the opportunity to take a break outdoors and enjoy a drink with an incredible view of Central Park and the surrounding city skyline.

6. Michael C. Rockefeller Wing

In the Michael C. Rockefeller Wing you can find interesting art from Inca masks, Pre-Colombian gold, and ceramics from Mexico to art from the court of Benin in Nigeria. They have around 1,600 objects covering 3,000 years.

7. Robert Lehman Collection

This incredible private collection includes a few Renaissance masters, Dutch, French and Spanish artists, Post-Impressionists and Fauvists and some furniture and ceramics.

8. Costume Institute

If you’re into fashion you need to visit the Costume Institute at The Met. Here you can explore women’s fashion from ball gowns and miniskirts to menswear from the French courts to the present day are all on display here. The famous Met Gala is hosted here as well.

9. Asian Art

This is the west’s most comprehensive collection of paintings, sculptures, textiles and ceramics. A must-see when you visit the met!

10. Lila A. Wallace Wing

Here you can find works from the 20th century from artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann and Jackson Pollock.

What do you think is a must-see when you visit The Met in New York? Feel free to leave a comment below!